Connecting with Grandpa at Vimy Ridge

The Meaning of Forever Project


When a loved-one has been gone from this physical world for a long time it may be natural to assume that our loving connection is gone, evaporated perhaps in the mists of time. That was my assumption a few years ago when I visited Vimy Ridge, one of the places in France where my grandfather served in the First World War.

But I was wrong, and here is the story of how wrong I was (click here). It appeared this week in “The Novascotian”, a weekly supplement of the Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper.

Today on Remembrance Day, as I say “Thank you, Grandpa for your service,” I know that, somewhere in worlds that I can’t see, Grandpa sees me and that he’s saying, “You’re welcome.”

If you have a story to share about a long-time connection you thought was lost, we’d love to hear from you at The Meaning of Forever Project.  You can send us an email at

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