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You are invited to participate in The Meaning of Forever Project. We are collecting inspirational stories that we intend to compile in a book about how people have been comforted by experiences with their deceased loved ones–perhaps in dreams, in visions, or symbols, or daily coincidences, through someone else’s seemingly random comment, or in any other way that let them know the love they shared with that soul continued, even after death of the physical body.

We also know that near-death experiences can give the living a glimpse of heaven; thus, bring comfort in times of loss. So, we welcome stories of these experiences, too.


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Perhaps you have had an experience with a loved one (human or non-human) after their physical life has ended, and perhaps that encounter has helped you heal from grief, or shed fear, or gain new understanding about the eternal nature of Soul and the love you continue to share. Perhaps your story can help someone else.

Any story you would like to share about your personal experiences with the passing of a loved-one, about a near-death experience—or even about facing the end of your own physical life—will be welcome.

We would like this collection to reflect cultures and countries around the world. So, if you have friends in other countries, or who come from cultures other than your own, please pass this request on to them.


For us, this project is a labour of love. We hope your story will be a labour of love, too. Although our intention is to seek a conventional publisher once we have a complete manuscript, the final method of publication is still unknown. All we can promise in return for your story is your own personal satisfaction in re-living your experience as you write, that we will treat your work with the same care and respect you put into it, and that we will make available to you one copy of the finished product upon publication.

You will retain the copyright to your story. We will ask for first world rights and future non-exclusive rights to re-publish it in other forms.


You can submit a story (or more than one) any time you’d like. We will announce on this site when we have decided to no longer accept submissions.

You don’t need to be an experienced writer. Our only requirements are that the story be yours, and that you tell it from your heart. If you can, please make it between 200 and 2,000 words long (or one to five pages single-spaced).

You can email your story to

You can put the story in the body of your email, or attach it as a Word (.docx .doc or RTF) file.


If we select your story for inclusion in the collection, an editor will be in touch with you. It may be a few months before we are able to let you know one way or the other. Please be patient as we collect submissions.

If you would like further hints and suggestions for how to write your story; or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at


Joan’s and Ruth’s main qualifications are that events in their own lives have inspired them to help others dealing with grief and death. Ruth spent her working life writing, editing and managing communication projects, first as a journalist and later as a communications consultant. She is the author of one non-fiction book (A Watch in the Night: The story of Pomquet Island’s last lightkeeping family, Nimbus, 2007) and stories in three other Nimbus collections. She enjoys writing fiction, non-fiction and poetry, which has been published in various periodicals. Dr. Joan Olinger is a Registered Clinical Psychologist who helps people with grief, crises, trauma and depression. Joan has also been a Clinical Psychologist at the former University Hospital in London, ON, and the former London Psychiatric Hospital, where she was also involved in training interns and residents. Joan is a former professor at the University of Western Ontario and has published a number of articles in scientific journals on depression, anxiety and stress. See more about Joan and Ruth at About Us. You can read our personal stories at Our Stories.

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Love Forever,

Joan Olinger & Ruth Edgett

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